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A Warning to Businesses in Bristol, Bath and Swindon looking to hire a drone operator 2018!

In 2017 we seen more Drones taking to our skies than ever before and in 2018 the total number of drone flights is expected to double. More homeowners and business will be photographed and surveyed this year than ever before. Helicopters will be used even less in TV and films as Drones takeover due to the significant advantages and savings. Drones can provide impressive images and video as well as help businesses save time and money.

But here is the BIG problem.......

The UK including Bristol, Swindon, Bath, Swindon, Cirencester and many other towns and villages in the local area have been overrun by illegal drone operators! UK Law states to operate a drone commercially you MUST have permission from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority), hold a current PFCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) as well as insurance covering up to £1 Million public liability.

These rules have been flouted by unsafe and irresponsible drone pilots throughout the UK. We believe there are more illegal drone pilots in the South West than legal ones. These illegal drone pilots have had no formal training or examination to prove they are safe and will conform to CAA rules. The CAA is clamping down on these pilots and we are starting to see more prosecutions than ever before.

If you as a business or homeowner hire an illegal drone operator you are putting your property or business at risk as well as your reputation. If the pilot loses control of the drone you could be held liable for damage to property and personal injury. This footage could be seized and you and the illegal drone operator could face prosecution.

Wiltshire UAV Services Ltd various drone pilots have undergone a significant advanced training program as well as assed by a CAA certified examiner. The rules implemented by the CAA are there to protect the public and property from damage.

If you are homeowner or business please keep Wiltshire’s, Bristol’s, Somerset’s and Gloucestershire’s airspace safe and hire a certified commercial drone pilot with a PFCO (Permission for Commercial Operations).

When hiring a drone pilot! Please THINK! Be safe NOT sorry! Always check the drone pilot is certified and insured. Do NOT hire a drone cowboy like many already have!



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