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Aerial Survey & 3D Imagery of Charlton Park House, Malmesbury (Near Cirencester)

Updated: Jan 21, 2018

Charlton Park house is located approximately 3 miles northeast of Malmesbury and 12 miles southwest of Cirencester and is located on the incredible Charlton Park Estate owned by the 29th Earl of Suffolk. The estate covers 4,500 acres and is a picturesque parkland of magnificent beauty.

Wiltshire UAV Services had been invited along to carry out a roof inspection of the Charlton Park House roof. Previously scaffolding had been erected on all their roof surveys, although on many occasions no repairs were required. This is when they asked the help of their locally based aerial drone company, Wiltshire UAV Services Ltd! A full aerial survey was then carried out at a fraction of the cost of scaffolding and due to the incredible images taken every inch of the roof could be seen with incredible detail. The aerial images and video were then handed over to the houses maintenance team and a locally based surveying company (Cirencester based) for further analysis. Wiltshire UAV Services has now been asked to inspect the roof yearly to monitor areas of interest as well as look out for any new potential issues.

Wiltshire UAV Services was also requested to provide an aerial 3D model of the house to assist with visualisation as well as maintenance plans.



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