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Swindon Drone Services

DJI Inspire 2 drone for inspections and photography in Swindon

Aerial drone Inspection, Surveys, Photography & Video Services in Swindon, Wiltshire

Swindon Drone Services specialise in aerial drone inspection, drone photography and video services in Swindon, Wiltshire. All of our pilots are fully qualified by the Civil Aviation Authority and have hundreds of hours of drone flying experience. We are fully insured with public liability covering up to £5 million. We fly state of the art drones with professional camera systems allowing us to capture perfect aerial photos and video.

Swindon Drone Services can provide you with a live feed allowing inspectors, surveyors and architects to monitor the area of interest live.

Our aerial drone services have many benefits including health and safety improvements, reduced maintenance budgets, improved maintenance standards, risk reduction, improved production efficiency and unimpeded access to arduous areas.

If you would like to hire a qualified drone pilot please get in touch!


Agriculture – Swindon Drone services have worked with various aerial agriculture systems providing NDVI services throughout the South West. Our current agriculture system is the eBee SQ fixed wing drone.

Cinematography – Our professional modern systems are capable of recording up to 5.2K.

Inspections - Swindon Drone Services provides civil engineering aerial surveys and inspections creating a rapid and cost effective solution to engineers.  

Environment – Our advanced and professional drone systems allow us to provide a cost effective environmental monitoring service.

Photography – Our drone aerial photography service provides stunning images of anything from buildings, landscapes weddings and much more.

Swindon Drone Services offer a variety of aerial drone services including the following:

  • Swindon Drones Aerial Photography

  • Swindon Drones Aerial Video

  • Swindon Drones Aerial Inspection

  • Swindon Drones Precision Agriculture

  • Swindon Drones Aerial Property & Estate Agent Marketing Services

  • Swindon Drones 3D Modelling & Visualisation

  • Swindon Drones Aerial Wedding Photography

  • Swindon Drones Building & Roof Inspections

  • Swindon Drones Golf Course Photography

  • Swindon Drones Thermal Imagery

  • Swindon Drones 360 Panoramic Photography

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