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Drone Inspection & Surveys

Previously aerial surveys and inspections were carried out using aircraft which was far more expensive than using Drones. Drones have made aerial photography less expensive, quicker and more efficient. A helicopter or aeroplane is less efficient due to being limited in how close they can get to the survey or inspection area, whereas a drone/UAV is extremely manoeuvrable close to the area being surveyed/Inspected.

Wiltshire UAV Services have been contracted for many different types of Aerial Drone inspections and surveys for a wide range of subjects including stately homes, chimneys, buildings, wind turbines, property, church roofs and spires. UAV’s/Drones are a cost effective and efficient option and saves expense on scaffolding, i.e. it enables an area to be surveyed/inspected without cost and time it takes to erect scaffolding. In addition, the customer can view the live footage from the ground in order to assist them in making quick decisions for themselves.

Our ultra-high definition aerial video and photography services have been contracted for a wide range of services including golf courses, farming areas, land for sale and a range of buildings, In fact our UAV/ Drone surveys and Inspection services can be employed for just about any reason.

Drone Inspection of tower observed by Surveyor
Chimney UAV DroneSurvey Charlton Park, Malmesbury
Chimney UAV DroneSurvey Charlton Park, Malmesbury
  • Drone Inspection

  • Drone Surveys

  • Drone confined space Inspection

  • Drone Wind Turbine Inspections

  • Drone Bridge Inspections

  • Drone Solar Panel Inspections

  • Drone Survey & Mapping

  • Drone Thermal Inspections

  • Drone Flare Stack Inspections

  • Drone Underdeck Inspections

  • Drone Cooling Tower & Chimney Inspections

  • Thermal & Structural Inspections

Mobile Phone antenna aerial inspection Melksham
Aerial Image of roof inspection carried out by Drone in Bristol, Wiltshire.
Aerial Image of roof inspection carried out by Drone in Bristol, Wiltshire.
  • Onshore WTG Blade Inspections

  • Offshore WTG Blade Inspections

  • Offshore Substation Inspections

  • Drone Met Mast Inspections

  • Drone Powerline Inspections

  • Drone Infrastructure Surveys

  • Drone Roof Surveys

  • Drone Commercial Property Surveys

  • Drone 3D Surveys

  • Drone Wind Farm Inspections

  • Drone Bridge Surveys

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