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eBee SQ Agriculture drone using sequoia Sensor

Our Precision Agricultural Service has been very successful to farms across the South and South West including farms near Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Swindon, Cirencester and Chippenham. We use the latest NDVI Drone farming technology which enables us to provide an efficient and cost-effective service providing invaluable and actionable data to farmers. Once all data has been sourced it can be viewed that day and can be shared to your team and agronomists. With each set of data taken we can provide surface models, Orthomosaic models, NDVI and 3D Modelling. This aerial data can then be analysed and compared to any previous drone agricultural data taken, information that has been described as exceptional and invaluable by many of our customers.

The way we source this information is by using our specialist Sensefly eBee SQ Agricultural drones using the latest multispectral sensors. The fully-integrated and highly precise multispectral sensor captures data across four non-visible bands, plus visible RGB imagery 1 in just one flight. The agriculture drone is provided with a pre-planned mission which will capture hundreds of images from multiple different angles.

Wiltshire UAV Services dedicate Agricultural team can save time and provide more efficient crop scouting, monitor the impacts of treatments and monitor the results over time and develop variable prescriptions. The data taken using our drones can compile crop and plant counts as well as analyse stand establishments, Reduce the amount of crop damage, detect fungi and parasites, generate variable rate prescriptions, detect drainage and irrigation and keep track of livestock as well as grazing patterns.

For more information on our crop mapping service please Contact Us or check out our Hummingbird Marketing material below. We are subcontracted bu Hummingbird Tech

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