Q: Do we have a price list ?

Because of the unique nature of our particular profession it is extremely difficult to publish a price list - each and every project we undertake is different in many many ways - factors such as location - weather - flight planning & legal requirements to name but a few must all be taken into consideration when estimating a price. This work is undertaken by us in accordance with our CAA permissions (PfCO) and insurance criteria.

That`s why we offer FREE CONSULTATIONS...

As Standard - when you make an enquiry to us we must check various factors regarding a flight - without boring you with all the details there is a quite a lot involved in the planning process which will have a bearing on the final cost -  depending on the brief you give us.

OUR CONSULTATIONS ARE FREE AND WITHOUT OBLIGATION, this way we can give you a fair and accurate quotation of cost.

Our price quotations

Once we understand your requirements and have completed our preflight planning procedure we are then in a position give you a FIXED PRICE QUOTATION.

The quotation is guaranteed by us with no further costs attached. The only time our price will change is if you decide to change your initial requirement. (We can then adjust up or down accordingly)


Corporate / regular user rates available


Should you have a regular requirement for aerial work, please do contact us - We have discount structures in place for regular survey / inspection requirements such as progress reporting and site inspections 


Get your quotation today !!


Simply email or call us.


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Tel: 01249 554522 / 07899 574222

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