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Bath Drone Services

DJI Inspire 2 drone for inspections and photography in Bath

Aerial Inspection, Photography & Video Services in Bath, Somerset.

Bath Drone Services is a leading Aerial Photography, Inspection and Video Services provider based in Bath, Somerset. We specialise in the latest drone technology as well as professional camera equipment providing cost effective stunning aerial film and photography.

Bath Drone Services professional pilots are certified and insured up to £5 million public liability and have logged hundreds of flight hours. We can fly up to an altitude of 400 ft allowing us to provide stunning aerial images and video as well as detailed inspection images.


All aerial projects from the drone flight to post production are tailored to meet your requirements.

Bath Drone Services have the drive, passion and experience to provide incredible high quality photography and video services that makes economic sense. With our modern state of the art drones and cameras we ensure every project is completed to the highest standard whilst complying with the Civil Aviation Authorities requirements allowing us to fly safely and effectively.  

If you require more information on how our drone service can adapted to meet your requirements please get in touch.

Bath Drone Services offer a variety of aerial drone services including the following:

Bath Drones Aerial Photography

Bath Drones Aerial Video

Bath Drones Aerial Inspection

Bath Drones Precision Agriculture

Bath Drones Aerial Property & Estate Agent Marketing Services

Bath Drones 3D Modelling & Visualisation

Bath Drones Aerial Wedding Photography

Bath Drones Building & Roof Inspections

Bath Drones Golf Course Photography

Bath Drones Thermal Imagery

Bath Drones 360 Panoramic Photography

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